Partners’ FAQ: Platform

Below are answers to some of the most common questions related to the platform from our partners.

This article is divided into the following sections:


  • How can I change the display order of the works in my exhibition?

This option is particularly useful when choosing the order of presentation of the works in the Viewing Room.

You can change the order of the artworks via the feature "Push the artwork to top". This appears when hovering on the artwork image in the gallery page's artworks section.

Please remember that this will bring the artwork to the first position on your exhibition, as well as in your “Artworks” tab on your gallery page, and in the “Artworks” page on Artland. 

Moreover, kindly note that any edit to an artwork will automatically push the artwork to the top.

  • How do I understand what are the shipping costs of the artworks I exhibit?

Usually, the final price of an artwork includes extra charges like shipping, which depends on the origin, destination, and dimensions of the artwork - among others. 

  • I uploaded some works, but I can't see them in my exhibition. What can I do?

When uploading a work it is important to remember to attach it to the related exhibition. You can add works in public or private mode to any exhibition.

To do this, you can choose between three options:

  1. Go to the edit page of your artwork, scroll to the item ''Exhibition'' and select the exhibition you want to attach it to. For more information about how to edit artworks, read this article.
    This option is only possible if you have created the exhibition beforehand. To learn more about how to create exhibitions, you can consult this article. 
  2. Go to the edit page of the exhibition to which you want to link the work, scroll to the item ''Artworks'' and select the works you want to attach to it.  For more information about how to edit exhibitions, read this article.
    This is only possible if you have uploaded the works beforehand. To learn more about how to upload works, you can consult this article.
  3. Go to the page of the exhibition to which you want to link the work, click on the "+Add Artworks" button at the top right corner of the Admin Toolbar. Then, if you have already uploaded the works to your page, click on the option "Add Existing Artworks"; whereas if you still have to upload the works to attach to your exhibition, click on the option  "Upload Artworks to Exhibition".


  • Can I create a one-off 3D or VR space even if I have a different type of subscription?

In case you wish to have 3D or VR exhibitions, please get in touch with us at and we will offer you the best proposal for your gallery. 

  • How can I edit and add tags to my 3D exhibition space?

If you have a 3D exhibition and want to edit the tags of the works, please get in touch with us at specifying the information you would like to add or alter.

  • What are the main differences between OVR, 3D and VR exhibitions?
OVR: In the Online Viewing Room it is possible to view artworks in a predefined two-dimensional viewing room. It provides a sense of scale and the user enter and view work by work.
For more information about Viewing Rooms, please read this article.

3D: The 3D spaces are recordings faithful to what is presented in the physical space. With these, the viewer can enter, move around the various rooms and click on the works hanging on the wall to see the details.
If you are a Premium 3D partner, the 3D recording of your exhibition will be created and published by our 3D team and you will be notified by email. To book a recording, please contact

VR: The Virtual Reality Exhibitions are virtual spaces created from scratch, consisting of one or several rooms from our templates. Again, the viewer can enter, move around the various rooms and click on the works hanging on the wall to see the details.
For more information about Virtual Reality Exhibitions, read this article.


  • Where do I get messages from collectors if they are interested in a work?

Through our Platform, galleries can sell artworks to all over the world. This action can be done by either letting the buyer purchase a work directly via the "Buy Now" button, make an offer via the "Make Offer" button, or by letting the buyer make contact with the seller via the "Contact Gallery" and “Ask for Price” buttons. 

For all sales requests, your gallery receives an email from with the buyer information (name, email address and, if provided, phone number) and the information about the artwork that has been inquired about.

If you have set up direct payments via Stripe, the buyer can complete the transaction by simply providing their credit card information. You should confirm the gallery accepts the sale emailing To learn how to set up Stripe on Artland, please consult this article.

If you have not set up Stripe, you can get in contact directly with the buyer and agree on the preferred payment method by using the contact information provided in the email.

If you want to know more about the ways to sell on Artland, please read this article.



    • Is it possible to be included in the communication (newsletter, social media etc.) of Artland?

    Absolutely! While our Editorial team curates the artworks and exhibitions to promote on our social media channels, we are always looking forward to receiving any material you believe can be a good fit for our audience. Please get in touch with us at and we will coordinate with our Editorial team your feature. 

    • How can I get more visibility on Artland?

    There is a wide range of tools you can use to increase your visibility on Artland.

    To get more visibility, we suggest you consult this article on how to improve your Digital Marketing Strategy.