Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

This article will explain you hot to increase your online visibility and your chances for sales inquiries.

Promoting your exhibitions and artists on different online platforms and media can increase your visibility on a much broader scale, and reach a wider range of audiences, whether it is art collectors, art professionals, art enthusiasts, or even first-time-buyers. The following guide aims to give you some ideas you can apply to your digital strategy and ultimately increase the visibility and strengthen the online presence of your gallery.

This article is divided into the following sections:


Plan Your Online Presence

Creating an overview of your upcoming activities, exhibitions, collaborations, fairs, and events in the upcoming months is a good starting point.

Here, it is important to set the goals that are expected from your digital strategy and to define what metrics should be looked at when evaluating your strategy and online presence.

These metrics could mean the number of visitors, sales requests, sold artworks, new followers, new subscribers etc.

Your digital marketing tools can be used the most effectively if they are aligned with your previously-set business goals.

Read this presentation to know more.


Use The Artland Logo To Drive Traffic

Add the Artland logo to your website alongside other external links and connect your Artland Profile URL. This will not only provide a path to Artland from your site, but also provide a much better chance of garnering traffic back to your site from Artland.

Suggestions of where to place the Artland logo on your website:

Please find our logos here.

Cross-Market Your Artland Materials

Embed your artworks on your own gallery website. By integrating the artworks you have on Artland to your digital channels, you will maximize their visibility and provide your collectors with a direct and easy way to discover and acquire them. To know more about this feature, read this article.

Moreover, if you are using Artland's 3D recording or VR service, you can embed these Artland materials on your own channels. This form of cross-marketing will heighten the chances of creating more traffic. For more information on embedding Artland's exhibitions, check out this article.


Share Your Artland Exhibitions And Available Artworks In Newsletters

Reach out to your collectors and gallery supporters directly in a newsletter, informing them and summarising your activities by including Artland 3D exhibitions, Viewing Rooms and other online exhibitions, promoting and selling your artists' works, even after the shows have concluded in your physical gallery space.



Give Your Artworks Context

Use your press release and other interesting material for the Explore Area in your exhibitions. When collectors look for artworks, they often want to know as much as possible about the artist, the artworks, and the context in which they were placed. Providing this information is a way to help collectors better connect with the artwork, and increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Another strategy is to create more Viewing Rooms - this will enable collectors to imagine the works placed on the wall and give viewers a general sense of scale. You can embed your Viewing Rooms in your website, newsletters and social media.

Upload Artworks On A Regular Basis

Add different artworks - varying in medium, size, price range, theme, artist - on a regular basis. It is recommendable to upload from 2 to 10 artworks per week, in order to boost your visibility in Artland's Works For Sale section. You are also able to push your artworks to the top.



Create Transparency

The chances are 2-6 times higher for a buyer to go through with a sale if the prices are visible on a gallery's artworks. It is, therefore, the best strategy to make prices visible for your artworks.


Share your Artland Exhibitions and Available Artworks On Social Media

There are various social media platforms you may want to use to reach out to your audience. Instagram is one of the most commonly used platforms, where galleries interact with their audience via posts, stories or live conversations. By creating content regularly you can make sure your followers and potential collectors are up to date with your current exhibitions and available artworks. Check out this article for inspiration


Use 3D Trailers In Your Posts

Use 3D recording snippets as a means to promote your exhibitions in your instagram and/or facebook stories and/or posts:

Use Screenshots In Your Stories/Posts

Use screenshots of Artland Viewing Rooms, VR rooms and/or 3D recordings in your instagram stories:

Use similar materials in your instagram posts:

Create Artland-Branded Marketing Materials Using Our Templates

Follow the instructions in this document, in order to easily create Artland-branded materials using Google Drawing templates. All you need to do is upload your own images and appropriate text.

To get started:

  1. Log into a Google account.

  2. Click on a template link to make an editable copy.

Get Inspired

For more inspiration, feel free to browse through some selected examples of strong platform use and marketing campaigns by Artland's partner galleries here.