Embed Your Artworks on Your Own Gallery Website

This article will explain the process for embedding an artwork on your gallery website.

By integrating the artworks you have on Artland to your digital channels, you can maximize their visibility and provide your collectors with a direct and easy way to discover and acquire them.

To embed your artwork, first make sure you have logged in with your credentials and then go to your gallery profile. To know more about this process, please read this article.

Scroll down to the "Artworks" section and click on the artwork you want to embed.

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Find the embedding code by clicking on the arrow icon in the lower right corner of the artwork's page.

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When clicking on the icon a pop-up box appears with the link you need to use.

Please, remember that you can change the size of the embedded window by changing the height and width in the copied code.
In order to show embed your artwork as a full screen, change the width attribute of the iframe so that it fills its parent container (e.g.: width="100%") or use a fixed value in px (e.g.: width="640px") that matches the available space.

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Copy the snippet and add it to an HTML code block to your website's CMS, or ask your web administrator to embed it on your website.

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To see how to embed your OVR, 3D and VR exhibitions, read this article.