Improve your online presence with Artland

Improve your online presence with Artland

As a gallery, one of your key aims is to increase the quantity of sales and your online strategy should support that. With that said, your online strategy should not only consist of selling art online directly. It's important to see online opportunities in the context of your existing sales process, and how online initiatives can improve your existing channels, build new relationships or drive more traffic and brand awareness to your gallery. In this section we will give some tips and tricks on how to use Artland to augment and improve your marketing and sales tools.

Get the most from 3D exhibitions

Learn how to utilise the versatility and possibilities of Artland 3D and make it a part of your online strategy.

Document, preview, and archive your exhibitions

Artland 3D brings enormous versatility to a gallery's practice. Bring greater verve to installation images with our fully interactive virtual visits. Provide compelling previews of your shows to international collectors unable to visit your gallery. Have your exhibitions live online forever by adding Artland 3D to your archiving activities.

Share on social media

Reflex Amsterdam increased engagement on social media by sharing a preview of the 3D tour of their exhibition "Iris Schomaker: Walking the Line" on their Instagram account. Galleri Benoni asked their artist René Holm to share their 3D tour of his show "You like what you see" on Facebook. Within 24 hours he had gained more than 75,000 impressions with a single post.

Include in newsletters and other digital communications

Improve all your digital communication tools, and better summarise your activities by including Artland 3D exhibitions in your gallery newsletters. Prolong the life of your shows, for promoting and selling your artists' works, even after they have concluded in your physical gallery space.

Embed Artland 3D on your own gallery website

Publish the recordings of your gallery exhibitions in Artland 3D on your gallery website. When visits to the virtual exhibitions on your domain are combined with online visitors to their publication on, the volume of your website traffic and ranking on search engines will increase exponentially. Click here to learn how.

Improving traffic and conversion

Learn how to update your gallery profile, and how often.

Update frequently

Keep your presence on Artland interesting and up-to-date by frequently updating your profile page. Adding available artworks and new exhibition content will move your gallery profile to the top of the 'Galleries' page, as these are always according to the most recent activity.

Link to your Artland profile

Add links to your Artland profile to your gallery website. Your gallery website is already linked from Artland's domain. The links will help to increase the amount of digital traffic you enjoy, and will improve the retention and bounce rate of people browsing information and available artworks of your artists.

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Optimize for sales conversion

Make sure to include as much information as possible to keep your profile interesting and current. Add descriptions to artworks, exhibitions and information about your gallery. We recommend you also add prices to your available artworks. If a collector already knows how much a work costs from browsing the site, they are incentivised to contact you if their budget expectations are met. This will also remove an 'enquiry' stage from a communication making a sale likelier. This takes merely minutes with Artland's efficient CMS system.