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Below are answers to some of the most common questions from collectors.

This article is divided into the following sections:


Buying on Artland

  • How can I get more information about an artwork?

You can get more information by clicking the “Contact Gallery” button on the artwork page. Remember to personalize your message. Normally you will receive the gallery’s response within a day or two.

  • How can I estimate costs that are additional to the work itself, such as shipping, insurance and framing?

Our galleries and dealers sell to clients around the world regularly, and as such are best equipped to estimate these costs. We encourage you to contact galleries by clicking the “Contact Gallery” button on artwork pages, provide your preferred shipping address, and request quotes for specific artworks.

  • Can I negotiate prices for works on Artland?

Some dealers and galleries may offer a discount and may entertain reasonable offers from collectors. Some galleries might facilitate payment in installments. Use the “Contact Gallery” button to begin a mutually respectful dialogue and to see if there is room for negotiation.

  • Why do some artworks have pricing information listed while others do not?

It is up to the individual gallery whether they list the prices or not. Lots of galleries now list prices in order for collectors to align browsing with their budget possibilities and expectations. Other galleries prefer to share pricing information only upon request. For definitive pricing information, please select the “Contact Gallery” button and ask.

  • I inquired about an artwork that was in the available artworks, but the gallery responded saying that the work is unavailable. Why did this happen?

Sometimes works are sold before a gallery has a chance to update their profile and the available artworks within it. We encourage our gallery partners to keep the inventory they list as current as possible. If the work you inquired about is sold, we suggest that you ask the gallery if they have other available work by the artist or, if not, to keep you informed should they be able to offer something similar by the artist in the future.

  • How can I ensure authenticity of artworks I buy?

When in dialogue with a gallery we encourage collectors to feel comfortable asking all reasonable questions that pertain to their buyer security. Sometimes documentation exists in the form of an authentication or certificate of some type, either from an artist’s studio, from a gallery authorised to provide such, or even an artist’s estate. Ask about labels and markings on the back of artworks that speak to a work’s history (provenance), or other signatures, stamps and marks that answer these questions.

  • I am hesitant to purchase an artwork without seeing it first. Can I return the work if I am unsure about it when it arrives?

Often experiencing an artwork in person is the only way for a collector or art lover to decide upon an acquisition. However, it is obviously difficult to view an artwork located very far away. Use the “Contact Gallery” button to ask for as many high resolution and detailed images as possible. Ask the gallery directly about their ‘art on approval’ policies, and about their return policies. This is always between the collector and the gallery. Artland cannot facilitate returns of artworks discovered on the platform.

  • Why should I use Artland to look for and purchase art?

Artland is the fastest growing platform for the discovery of contemporary art in the world. It is possible to visit thousands of exhibitions in market leading Artland 3D, in order to see an artwork you are interested in in its full exhibition context. Artland is also the world’s number one community for art lovers and collectors, with a database of thousands of private collections uploaded by the owners for the purpose of sharing. Search for an artist and see which other collectors own work by them as part of your research process. Find artworks by leading artists from galleries the world over in the most cutting edge digital place of discovery.

Contact our Support Team ( support@artland.com) for any questions you may have in your searching process.

Exploring on Artland

  • How do I find new artists and artworks on Artland?

Whether you wish to refine your searching, or need a place to begin your search if you are unsure what you are hoping to discover, you can use our search filters. Look for works by price range, style, and medium. Navigate to this page by clicking “Works for sale” on the header of any Artland page and then selecting the filters to narrow down your choices.

  • How do I save artworks to revisit or purchase later?

​Being an Artland user enables you to easily mark your favourite artworks and revisit them. Make pinboards in your profile, name them by artists or theme, or anything you like, and pin works to these boards. In order to pin works to your profile you must be logged in to your Artland account. You can navigate to your user profile where the boards are stored by clicking on your avatar which is located at the upper right corner of every Artland page.

  • What do I do if there are no works for sale by an artist that I am interested in?

If there are no works available by an artist you like ensure that you “Follow” the artist so that you notified when new works are uploaded to the platform. Navigate to any artist’s page and click the “Follow” button to receive updates. You may also place an inquiry with the gallery by clicking “Contact Gallery” and typing out your question asking for information about any available works that they might have that is either unlisted on Artland or might become available in the future.

Selling on Artland

  • ​I’m an individual. Can I sell artwork I own on Artland?

Make a profile and upload your collection to Artland so that works in it can be discovered by other collectors. Currently it is not possible to trade directly amongst collectors, but you can initiate a dialogue both with collectors and with Artland experts to see if something can be facilitated.

  • I would like to know the value and confirm the authenticity of a work in my collection. Can Artland help with this?

​Artland does not offer appraisal or valuation services at this time. Galleries and auction houses are better resources for this service.

For any further inquiry, please contact support@artland.com