Strong Platform Use and Digital Marketing Examples

This article includes model examples of platform content and social media posts by galleries who use Artland's tools effectively.

This article is divided into the following sections:


Strong Platform Use Examples

Strong platform use on Artland can be defined both by the quantity and the quality of the content created by gallery managers. Below are some model examples of accounts that are successful in increasing their online presence by creating engaging content through the use of the tools available to them on the Artland platform.

Bricks Gallery

    • Frequent use of Viewing Rooms

    • High number of Online Exhibitions

    • High number of artworks









Alzueta Gallery

    • High number of artworks (over 600!)











Galerie Felli

    • Frequent use of Viewing Rooms

    • Frequent use of 3D recordings









Good Use Of 3D Material Examples

Many of Artland's partner galleries have increased engagement on social media by sharing previews of 3D tours available on Artland on their Facebook page and/or Instagram accounts. Videos usually generate a better engagement on social media. In addition, the short clips can provide a good "sneak-peek" and create attention around your upcoming shows.

The Flat - Massimo Carasi

3D Exhibitions of The Flat - Massimo Carasi at Artland
Virtual 3D tour at Massimo Carasi The Flat Facebook page
Virtual 3D tour at Vielmetter Los Angles Facebook page
Virtual 3D tour at Charlotte Fogh Gallery's Facebook page
3D Tour of This is Real by Sadie Benning at Vielmetter Los Angeles Instagram 
Virtual tour “PAISAJES. Un recorrido pictórico (1877-1977)” at Sala Pares Instagram


Good Use Of Viewing Room Examples

Online Viewing Rooms provide a virtual space for presenting your artworks on Artland. In light of the Covid19 restrictions, this enables you to invite your audience to an online-only exhibition, which give your artworks more context and a stronger platform than a plain Online Only exhibition. Exhibitors often use images taken from their Viewing Room as promotional material, creating attention and generating engagement around their current shows and fair booths.


Blindly Follow the Dogma by Joaching Castaneda, Wonzimer Gallery Instagram


Untitled Art Fair

Snap! Just like that! Magic by Aisha Tandiwe Bell, Welancora Gallery at Untitled Art Fair Instagram

Double Double Etreat by Sarah Dwyer, Jane Lombard Gallery at Untitled Art Fair Instagram
Young Campesinos Rio La Pastora, close to the city of Trinidad, 2015-2016. Serie Regla by Nicola Lo Calzo, La Balsa Arte at Untitled Art Fair Instagram