Shipping and Returns

This article will provide you with details about our integrated shipping feature.

Logistics related to the shipment of an artwork might be complicated both for the gallery and the buyer. For this reason, we partnered with ARTA to provide you with a trustworthy and dedicated service.

When you purchase an artwork by clicking on Buy Now or Make Offer, you can receive a shipping quote in real time, by selecting "Include Shipping".

Please watch the following video to see the how it works:

You can choose among three options and a series of additional services.

To have more information about the options ARTA Parcel, ARTA Select and ARTA Premium, please visit this website.

All options include ARTA Insurance. For more details about ARTA Insurance, please read the following documents: Insurance Overview and Insurance Policy.

Once the gallery accepts your request and the sale goes through, ARTA will organize the logistics and inform both you and the gallery about the shipping status.

The first email you will receive from ARTA will be a confirmation of your contact information for you to double-check, in case there are any errors.

Then, ARTA will follow up by informing you on any changes in the status of the shipment. You will also be given a tracking code.

Finally, once the artwork has been delivered, you will receive an email confirmation.

If you have any question or would like to have more information about the shipping feature, please get in touch with us at

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