See Exhibitions in Private Mode

This article will explain how to see an exhibition in private mode on your gallery profile.

Exhibitions can appear as either public or private on Artland.

Private view only allows your account to see the artwork - these exhibitions are not visible to other Artland users - while public Exhibitions can be seen by everyone browsing on Artland.

To find an exhibition in private mode, you need to go to the "Exhibition" section attached to your gallery profile and click on the "Show: Public" button in the right corner of the Admin Toolbar. Right after, click on the ''Private'' option. 

Schermata 2022-04-05 alle 10.46.54In case you have many exhibitions in private mode, it is possible that you will need to click on the "See all'' button to view them all.

Schermata 2022-04-05 alle 10.50.08

If you wish to change the exhibition from private to public, or vice-versa, simply click on the exhibition’s page and switch the token in the upper right corner of the Admin Toolbar.

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