Integrated Shipping Feature

This article will explain how to enable and apply our integrated shipping feature.

This article is divided into the following sections:



Together with ARTA, we are now offering galleries and buyers an easy way to manage the shipment of artworks.

ARTA's system can predict if an item needs crating based on the fragility of the item. This is determined by the information you provided within the artwork's page. For example, items that have "Ceramic" indicated as the material will always be marked as fragile. Therefore, it is extremely important that you carefully add all relevant information in the artwork's page.

If the buyer decides to use ARTA after a successful purchase, ARTA will schedule the pick up and notify you. If you want to alter the pick up schedule, you can coordinate directly with ARTA, that  will take care of the packaging of the work, too.

Both you and the buyer will be constantly updated on the shipment through emails by ARTA. Moreover, you will be able to monitor the shipment through its tracking number.

To learn more about our trusted shipping partner, ARTA, please click here.


Enable our Integrated Shipping Feature

To enable our Integrated Shipping Feature, you need to be subscribed to Stripe.

If you have not subscribed to Stripe yet, follow the steps in the article on how to Set Up Direct Payments Via Stripe.

Once Stripe is set up, go to your gallery profile and click on "Edit Gallery Info".

Schermata 2022-04-05 alle 14.30.51Scroll down to the "Additional Information" section and switch on the toggle for shipping service.

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This shipping service is provided by ARTA. Our system automatically provides the buyer with different options that are customised to the artwork. For this reason, it is extremely important that galleries include all of the main information on the artwork page, and be sure that the artwork's dimensions are accurate and complete. This includes height, length, depth, weight, as well as details regarding the medium and material.

Moreover, you can indicate all the relevant shipping information even when you upload an artwork by scrolling down to the "Shipping information for shipping providers'' section on its edit page. For more information on how to edit an artwork, read this article.

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You can also indicate if the outer dimensions are different from the artwork's by switching on the "Outer dimension" toggle. This will prompt you to fill out the following information on the dimensions and weight of the package. For example, this is the case of works sold with a frame or works that have a different dimensions during the shipment (e.g. a poster that is rolled up).

If the work is located at a different address than the one shown on your gallery profile, you can add this information by switching on the "Shipping Origin" toggle and provide the information on the location.

When buyers clicks on ''Buy Now" or "Make Offer", they are able to get an estimate of the shipping costs, based on the information you included. Please note that buyers can also choose not to get an estimate through ARTA.



Is enabling the integrated shipping feature compulsory?

No, it's not.

The service is provided as to facilitate the gallery in managing the sale that happened on Artland. However, we know that galleries may prefer to deal with the shipment on their own. For this reason, you can enable and disable the shipping feature whenever you want.

As a gallery, I find the integrated shipping system provided by ARTA easy and time-saving. However, the buyer decided not to get a quotation through the system. What do I do now?

If you prefer the service provided by ARTA, you can ask the buyer to go through the buying process again and choose a quotation provided by the system.