First Admin Access and Login Process

This article will explain how to login and access your collection profile.

This article is divided into the following sections:


First Admin Access

Artland’s login does not require a username and password, but rather an email address.

To log in to Artland for the first time (once you have registered on our platform) you just need to check your email, open Artland's welcome email (whose title will be "You are invited to manage your *Collection* profile on Artland") and click on the "GET STARTED" button.


Please, kindly note that the link will expire within 48 hours and always remember to check your Spam inbox in case you can’t see our email.

Once you click on the link (within this time limit), just go to our platform and type the name of your gallery in the search bar or use the menu on the top right corner and click on "Manage *Collection*".

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After logging in for the first time, the system will remember your credentials and the device you have used, thus from that moment on you can always access your profile and edit all the contents you want.


Login Process

The reasons why you may not be able to access our platform are the following:

1- The Admin Access link sent via email has expired.

2- You are trying to enter with a different email than the one to which admin access was initially sent.

3- You are using a different device than the one you logged in with the first time.

4- You are not accepting cookies, terms and conditions on site or you are deleting your cache too often.

5- More than 60 days have passed since the last login.

Here is the case by case solution:

1- Contact to request a new Admin Access link.

2- Enter the email address you used to log in for the first time or contact to request access for a new email address.

3- 4- 5-  Click on the ''Log in'' icon in the upper right corner and enter your email address.

You will receive an email from Artland entitled ''Sign in to your profile'' through which you can access by clicking on the ''SIGN IN'' button.

Once you click on the button, you will be redirected to our platform already logged in, all you have to do to view your profile is to type the name in the search bar and open it.

Remember you can also access Artland via Google, Facebook or Apple ID to login to Artland, no passwords will be required.