How To Connect With Collectors

This article will explain how to connect with collectors via the ArtlandApp, as well as do more detailed research on collectors via both app and web.

Find out more about creating your profile on the ArtlandApp in this article. Once you are logged in, you can start reaching out to Artland's community by writing direct messages to collectors and discover possible leads for your artists.

Discover a potential match for your artworks by browsing through collectors' profiles after tapping on "Discover" on the lower left side of your screen and then "Collectors" by swiping to the left on the bar on the top.


Once you have discovered a collector you are either already familiar with, or whose profile might seem like a good match, you can contact him or her through direct messages by tapping on the "Contact Collector" button to see if they might be interested in one of your artists.

In order to retrieve more detailed information on the collector, you can take a look at their favourite artists, artist’s origins, number of collected artists, among other data, by tapping on the analytics icon on the top right side. Furthermore, you are also able to see the followers and the accounts followed by the profile.

Do Research On Collectors Through The Web

You can also discover and do research on collectors through Artland's web version. Here, you can search for collectors by navigating to "Explore" and then clicking on "Collectors" in the dropdown menu.


Here, you can filter collectors by country.

In addition, when looking at an artist's profile page on the web or on the app, you can see if the artist is part of someone's collection. This could be helpful to get an idea of what type of artists the collector could be interested in.