Additional Costs of the Artworks

This article will explain how to define the additional costs of an artwork you would like to buy, such as Shipping, Insurance and Framing.

Additional costs might differ in nature and amount.


If the gallery has provided a shipping price or if our shipping system  is enabled, you are able to calculate and pay the shipping costs together with the purchase of the artwork. Remember that in both cases, the price is determined by the address you type in the request form

Instead, if the shipping price has not been provided or if our shipping system has not been enabled, you need to ask directly the gallery. We suggest to ask for these details when you request the artwork, by adding a customized message to your request. 


Insurance and Framing

Other additional services such as insurance and framing must be defined with the gallery in phase of negotiation. If the gallery does not provide such services or if you have any question, you are welcome to contact us at