Edit Gallery Profile

This article will explain how to edit the basic information of your gallery profile on Artland (such as address, opening hours or contact email).

To edit the information about your gallery, first, log in and go to your gallery profile. To know more about this process, read the article First Admin Access and Login Process.

Once on your gallery page, click on the edit button located in the upper right corner.

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When clicking on the button a form page with boxes will appear. Here you will have the possibility to edit the name, description, represented artists, contact email, website link, phone number, location, opening hours and cover image.

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Please, keep in mind that the email you add is the address where you will receive the sales inquiries from our email sales@artland.com.

Regarding the gallery cover image, it is suggested to upload a jpeg file, as png files would not show in VRooms exhibitions.

After making the changes, remember to click the save button located in the upper right corner of the page.

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You can make changes as frequently as you like.

Whereas, to find out how to edit an exhibition or a work uploaded to your profile, read the following articles: Edit Artworks and Edit Exhibitions.