Create a New Artist's Page

This article will explain how to add an artist to our platform.

It may happen that by adding the work of an artist or simply wanting to update the represented artists on your profile, our system does not find the name of the artist you are typing. This means that the artist is not yet on our database.

You will simply need to go to your profile icon on the upper right corner of your screen. By clicking there, a dropdown menu will open with the option "Create Artist". 

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Once you click on that option, you will be redirected to the artist creation page where you can add the name, nationality, biography, year of birth and other unique details of the artist. Please kindly note that name and nationality are mandatory fields, so you will be required to fill this information before saving the profile.

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By default, the platform will generate an automatic general description of the artist’s context. May you want to change that, simply click on the "Auto-generated" toggle and type your text.

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To save the artist profile click the "Save" button located on the right top corner of the artist profile page.

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You can always edit an artist's profile at any moment. To know more, read the article Edit an artist's profile.