Cancel your Artland subscription

This article will guide you through the process of cancelling your Artland subscription.

We are sorry to see you go! The user that signed-up the gallery can cancel an Artland subscription by reaching out to If you have multiple subscriptions and add-ons, you will need to cancel each one individually to fully cancel your account. 

You can cancel a subscription any time. However, if you cancel or downgrade a subscription, you will continue to be committed to the platform and charged for the duration of the commitment lenght in your contract, which may differ from your billing frequency. Kindly be aware that subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each term for a further term of 1 year unless written notice of termination is given at least 3 months prior to the end of the relevant term. You can consult this point in section 3.2 of our Terms and Conditions

Please note the following account types require a cancellation request: 

  • Trial accounts (with or without ad hoc 3D / VR)
  • Basic Commission Plan accounts (with or without ad hoc 3D / VR)
  • Basic Plan accounts (with or without ad hoc 3D / VR)
  • Premium 3D accounts (with or without ad hoc VR)
  • Premium VR accounts (with or without ad hoc 3D)