Sometimes exhibitions deserve to be shown at their best. With this feature you can clone a previous exhibition and turn it into something new.

You can clone an exhibition both from the thumbnail or from the exhibition page.

In both cases, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and, then, click on "Clone Exhibition".

Now you can edit your cloned version as you please. By cloning your original exhibition, the new one will show the same information and will have automatically attached the same artworks. However, you can make any change you like.

You can change the type of exhibition to the one you prefer or you can create an exact copy of the original one.

You can also turn any kind of exhibition into a VRoom. Or you can create multiple VRooms with different templates, for example to decide which one would look better.

In order to do so, select "Online exhibition" as Type; then, scroll until the end of the page and, in the "Settings" section, select the template that you like the most.

To know more about how to create and edit an exhibition, please read this article. Moreover, you can already create an Explore area for your cloned exhibition. To know more about it, please read this article.

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