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Because Artland is registered in the EU, we are required to follow the EU Anti- Money Laundering Directive. This means that, as an art marketplace, it is mandatory for us to perform KYC processes on all sellers.

What are the consequences for our partners?

  • It is now mandatory for you to sign up to Stripe, our secure payment processing system, which will complete the KYC process. Unfortunately, Stripe is not supported worlwide yet. If you are located in a country that is not supported, you can comply to KYC by writing us. To check out if your country is among those, please click here.

  • Even though Artland is only a facilitator, we are also obligated to conduct KYC processes on all buyers purchasing art from above €9.999. Therefore, you - as a seller - are required to inform Artland on all sales that have gone through Artland.
    Please know that heavy penalties will be imposed, should it come to the attention of Artland or the authorities that you chose not to inform Artland on such sales.

We are aware that these regulations are strict and need to be enforced across the art world. We have, therefore, done our best to make the process as smooth as possible for you, and are happy to assist where needed.

Please take the following steps at your earliest convenience:

  1. Complete the KYC process by Setting Up Direct Payments on your Artland profile.

  2. Please always report all successful Artland sales to sales@artland.com.

  3. Please be in touch with support@artland.com if you are having any technical issues with the sign up.

  4. Please let us know if you would like Artland's assistance during the KYC process on all purchase above €9999. We can send you the documentation you need for your business.

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