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To edit a Virtual Reality Exhibition, open the exhibition itself. Then, use the arrows pad on your keyboard to move around the space.

You can edit your gallery information displayed in the exhibition and hang artworks from within the exhibition itself, by clicking the pencil icon in the upper left corner of your screen.

Click "Edit gallery info" to add more information about the exhibition and to custmomize your space. In fact, you can choose among four floor patterns and you can decide if showing a bench.

You can also decide to show the title of the exhibition and its description on the wall at the entrance.

Besides, you can show a "Contact Gallery" button and decide which contacts (if email or phone number) connect there.

By clicking "Add New Work", you can hang your works on the wall.
If you want to add an artwork to the wall, move towards the selected wall and click the pencil icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Select "Add new artwork".

Now you can choose which artwork to hang, among those that you selected when creating the exhibition. Remember that, in order to be shown, the artwork must contains information about its width and height.

Click on "continue" and choose if you want to add a frame to the artwork or if you prefer to keep it unframed.

Now you can hang your artwork. To hang it you just need to click on the wall. Measurements and guidelines will help you in the process.

Install without frame

If you choose to install your artwork without frame, you can edit only the Canvas Side.

You can choose among three textures, the color you prefers and you can choose how deep the side should be, consistently with the real artwork's characteristics.

You can also choose where to position the button that displays information about the artwork.

Install with frame

If you select to install your artwork with a frame, you are also able to choose the texture, color and finish of a frame. You can choose its size and if insert a space between the artwork and the frame. Moreover, you can place the frame in the front or the back of the artwork.

Click on "Save" to successfully hang the artwork.

While adding new artworks, you can move in the room to check if their position is correct.

You can always edit position, canvas and framing characteristics by clicking on the pencil icon placed close to the info button icon.

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