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Artland VRooms give you limitless possibilities to compose and install compelling virtual exhibitions to enhance your online programming. Create a parallel program to your physical space, make elevated private client offerings in the primary or secondary market, or even use as an exhibition planning tool. With VRooms editor and its intuitive interface, supplementing and enhancing your online activities has never been easier and more accessible.

Create a VRoom

First go to your gallery profile. Then scroll to the Exhibitions tab and click on the button “Add Exhibition” in the Admin Toolbar.

Select VRoom Exhibition.

No you can choose the room you prefer and add the desired information. You can choose among ten types of rooms. To have more information about the dimensions of the rooms and their planimetry, check this document out.

Custom Space can be selected only if a customized space has been created ad hoc for your gallery. To have more information about Custom Spaces, please contact us.
As the word suggest, Fair Booths are indicated to reproduce a physical or online fair booth in the virtual space.

Now you can edit the information about your new VRoom.

Privacy Settings

You can select the status of your show (public or private) via the token at the beginning of the exhibition's edit session.

Basic Information

In this section, you can add basic information about your show, such as title, dates, description and artworks.

The type of exhibition is automatically set on Online Exhibition.

To add artworks to your exhibition, first upload the artwork to your profile via the Available Artworks section. For further information check our articles for single and multiple artworks upload. In order to generate a 3D graphic, information about width and height must be included. Moreover, remember that only 2D artworks and video artworks will be hung. If you want to hang irregularly shaped artworks, upload their main picture as a .png file.

Then in the exhibition's edit session, click on the text box labelled 'Artworks' and check the artworks you are willing to add to that given show. You can undo this action by deselecting the artworks in the same way.

You can also add private artworks to a show and these will be visible only in the selected exhibition.

Cover Image and Detail Images

Here you can upload the cover and detailed images of your exhibition.

Images should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and be between 5 and 10MB for best image quality.

Once saved in the upper right side of the page, you can find your show among your public or private exhibitions on your gallery page.

You can share compelling information about your exhibitions by creating an Explore Section in the following step. Please read more about it here.

In order to hang the artworks and edit the exhibition itself, please read our guide about Editing Virtual Reality Exhibitions.

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