This article will explain how the ArtlandApp can be used to your best advantage.

The ArtlandApp is currently only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is the app of the platform and, as such, shares the same features of the web version, except for a backend to manage gallery profiles. On the other hand, gallerists can interact with Artland's collectors community and use extra features, such as the augmented reality feature to view artworks on your own wall.

Setting Up Your Profile On The App

Download the official Artland App on your iOS device from the App Store. Its name is: ARTLAND - Discovery and Buy Art.

Before logging into the Artland App, you must create a personal profile from the web via the admin invite link. At this point, you can decide to opt for a personal name or the gallery name. In both cases, these are only personal profiles that are needed for admin access to a gallery profile.

You can choose the typology that better describe you among:

· Art Enthusiast: “You are an art lover”

· Collector: “You love art and want to learn more”

· Gallerist: “You own, manage or work in a gallery”

· Art professional: “You are a curator, art advisor, etc.”

It is recommendable to access the app with the same email or method (via Gmail, ID Apple, Facebook) as you usually do on the web.

Please keep in mind that you are only able to make changes to your gallery's content from your web profile. Your App profile, on the other hand, allows you to upload your own private collection to share with the Artland community.

Reaching Out To Collectors

When logged into the App, you will have the possibility to discover collectors, who might match an artist you represent or an artwork you own, whom you can reach out to through direct messages.

To read a more detailed guide on how to reach out to collectors on the App, please see this article.

View Artworks On Your Wall

The App allows you to project artworks onto an existing wall with the camera of your phone in the form of augmented reality.

You can either use this tool for yourself, or you can introduce the augmented reality function to potential buyers, in order for them to see what an artwork might look like on their own wall.

To view the artwork on your wall, use the “View on Your Wall” button below the artwork and follow the instructions (scan the floor, align with the bottom of your wall, and then place the artwork on the wall).

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