Buy Now

The Buy Now option is made to help you encourage and streamline online sales. If you select Fixed Price on the Pricing and Availability section while editing an artwork, the work will automatically be displayed with a Buy Now button.

This is the best solution, and the perfect choice for collectors who want to buy art quickly and without hurdles. By using the Buy Now feature for your artworks, a successful purchase becomes two to six times more likely than for similar works with hidden prices.

Make offer

The Make Offer option is created to help you to start a dialogue with a prospective buyer. It is common to negotiate the price of an artwork, especially if the work is over $1,000. We created the Make Offer option to empower both buyers and galleries with the best online replication of a real life art-buying experience, in which negotiation is common practice. In this process, the prospective buyer will be able to make an offer at an amount less than the listed retail price. The gallery can reject the offer, accept the offer, or make a counter offer.

All client information will be shared with galleries once a sales inquiry is sent through, in order to increase their pool of qualified and active buyers.

Adding shipping rates, fast and efficient responses and secure payments through Artland is a seamless and risk-free way for galleries to grow their business.

The Buy Now and Make Offer inquiries are handled in the following way

  1. In the case of Buy Now/ Make Offer requests, your gallery receives an email through [email protected] with the buyer information (name, email address and, if provided, phone number) and the information about the artwork that has been inquired about.
  2. If you have set up direct payment via Stripe, the buyer can complete the transaction by simply providing their credit card information. For more information on setting up Stripe through Artland, check the article Payment System via Stripe.
  3. If you haven't set up Stripe, you can get in contact directly with the buyer and agree on the preferred payment method.

Important Information

Please always remember to inform the buyers about availability, transport cost, VAT and any possible extra costs. Please send them the final invoice separately.

Artland can provide assistance at any moment, in order to secure the success of this process.

Artland will charge a 10% transaction fee for successfully completed purchases on the Buy Now and Make Offer option.

The Contact Gallery option is geared towards galleries looking for price confidentiality. Even though collectors prefer visible prices, galleries may still have reasons for not showing them publicly. This will, however, increase the amount of speculative requests that may be less serious than the Buy Now and Make Offer options.

Here, the process is the following:

  1. A potential buyer requests more information about an artwork
  2. An automatically generated email is sent to the gallery with the request through [email protected].
  3. The Gallery is responsible for responding to the inquiry with the requested information.

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