Artworks can appear as either public or private on Artland.

Private view only allows your account to see the artwork - these artworks are unpublished to the online marketplace - while public artworks can be seen by everyone browsing on Artland and they are published to the marketplace.

You can also change an artwork’s availability by marking them either as for sale or sold.

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Mark Artworks as Sold

Publish / Unpublish

In order to change the status (publish/unpublish) of an artwork you have uploaded go to your gallery profile and click on the Available Artworks tab.

You can change the status in the edit session on the artwork, by clicking on the three dots and then on "Edit".

You can also change the status from the token on the artwork's image in the upper left corner, switching it from public to private and vice versa.

Mark Artworks As Sold

To mark an artwork as sold you can change the availability by selecting "Sold" in the edit session of the artwork under Pricing and availability.

Once you have saved in the upper right corner of the page, the artwork will be labelled as sold and it will be still visible on your gallery page and on the artist's profile, but not in the general marketplace ("Works for Sale").

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