To upload a single artwork to your gallery profile click on "+ Add Artworks" on the Admin Toolbar of the Artworks section and select "Add one" from the dropdown menu.

A new form page will appear. Here you can add all the information about the artwork in the boxes provided, where you can edit the basic information, pricing and availability, shipping and additional information.

Privacy Settings

If you don’t want to publish an artwork yet, you can change its status and publish it in a second moment. By switching on the Public toggle, the artwork will become visible to the public, while on off, the work will still be saved on your gallery profile, but kept in private and only visible to you. You can also unpublish an artwork by hovering over the image of the artwork and clicking on the Unpublish token.

Basic Information

Exhibitions: From the Artworks section, you can add an artwork to a given exhibition only if the exhibition is published. If you want to add the works to a private show, please go to Edit Exhibition section.

Images: the images needs to be between 5 and 10 MB. The main image of two dimensional artworks needs to be frontal and well cropped, with possibly no extra margin. If in the image a frame is included, please remember to add the extra size to the artworks dimension information.
This will affect the appearance of the artwork in the Viewing Room.

Condition: Choose the definition that most suit your artwork among the following.

Medium: If your artwork is a video, you can embed the URL of the video in the proper box under '"Additional information". To know how to embed your video. please check the article "How to Embed Your Video On Artland".
If your artwork is a NFT, read this article to have more information on how to sell NFTs on Artland.

If the selected medium is Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Print or Poster, you can select whether the work is framed or not.

Dimensions: dimensions are compulsory in order to show the artwork in a Viewing Room or in a VRoom and in order to use our Integrated Shipping Service.

If your artwork includes a certificate of authenticity or it is signed by the artist, you can add this information by switching on the following toggles.

Price and Availability

If your artwork is For Sale, please select the Price information among "Fixed price", "Price Interval" and "Ask for price". The first two options will activate the Buy Now and Make Offer feature, while the third one will show to the buyer only "Contact Gallery" button.

To know more about the three options, please check the article about The different ways you can sell art on Artland.

Remember that "Ask for price" means that the price will not be shown to the public, but you need to add it. If you add "0" as the price, the artwork will not be shown in our Works for Sale tab. If you type a number, the work will be shown in that price range, even if the price is not visible. So, for example: if you type "10", the artwork will be shown as in the lowest price range. This could lead buyers to inquire for the work and then find out that they cannot afford it. Therefore, we encourage you to add the most precise price possible. Again, if you select "Ask for Price", it will not be shown.

Shipping Information

If you are subscribed to Stripe, you can enable our integrated shipping system. For more information on how to enable and use it, read the the article about the Integrated Shipping Feature.
If you cannot subscribe to Stripe, you can still indicate Domestic, EU and International shipping prices in these boxes.

The correspondent cost will appear during the buying process via Buy Now and Make Offer, once the buyer has selected the shipping country.

Additional Information

In this section you can select the style tags that are relevant for your artworks and add any further information in the box Description.

The style tags are the same in the filter section of the Works for sale page.

Remember to always click save after you have made the changes to ensure they appear on your profile. Any change will automatically push the artwork to the top.

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