Creating a Viewing Room

This guide will walk you through the basics of creating a Viewing Room in the gallery admin system.

First, log in and go to your gallery profile. Then scroll to the Viewing Room section at the bottom of the page and click on the plus icon that says “Add Viewing Room” in the Admin Toolbar.

You can now add the desired information about the viewing room. Title, start date, end date and artists are required fields. If you do not want to publish the Viewing Room right away choose “Not Published” in the status field. Click the “Save” button to create the Viewing Room.

To add artworks you click on “Artworks” line in the form and a window will open to select the works you want in your viewing room.

"Published" and "Not Published" Viewing Rooms

If you choose a Viewing Room to be “Not Published” no one but you and your colleagues with acces to the gallery admin system can see the Viewing Room. If the Viewing Room is “Published” anyone you send the link to can view the Viewing Room, as well as all visitors to Artland.

If you want to send a Viewing Room without publishing it to the Artland platform you can simply keep it in the “Not Published” state and use the link. This will keep it private and only visible to you and your chosen recipients.

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By clicking on the tab “Online Viewing Rooms ” on your gallery profile you will be able to see all past, upcoming and current Viewing Rooms. If you are interested in embedding this to your own website please contact us.

Find video tutorial below.